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Buy Smarter from Vacaville Nissan

When you make your commercial vehicle purchases from Vacaville Nissan, you’re doing more than just adding to your company, your giving back to the community at large. As Vacaville Nissan is one of the largest commercial and fleet dealers in northern California, every vehicle you buy from us is stimulating the economy for a great portion of the western coast. Of course, there are significant tax benefits to developing your company’s commercial and fleet lineup.

When you work with Vacaville Nissan, you work with the most experienced and the best. Our commercial sales team works with you and your business every step of the way, making sure your vehicle buying experience is faultless and without stress. So don’t wait around, check out the vehicles and add to your business. Feel open and free to contact our staff with any commercial or fleet questions you may have.


Scott Foy
Commercial Sales Manager
Richard Sikoral
Commercial Sales
Sandy McElhenney
Commercial Sales