Electrical Contractor Vans – More than just Shelving

Every contractor has a different way of doing business. At Nissan of Vacaville we understand that the “Cookie Cutter” shelving package isn’t for everyone so we have several trade specific shelving packages available to you at discounted and pro-rated pricing! Plumbers, Low Voltage Contractors, Electricians and even Locksmiths have specific packages to choose from. See below and see how the Nissan NV Cargo Van can organize your life, your van and your business!

The Electrical Contractor Package by Adrian Steel is a great addition for any Electrician who needs a functional and organized cargo van. The Cargo partition or Bulkhead protects the driver from the cargo area while the AD Series shelving provides a steady foundation to build on. Each shelving unit (3 total) has tons of organizational bins, drawers, storage compartments and dividers. There’s even a wire spool holder for easy access at the rear cargo doors.