Ladder Racks

Nissan NV High Roof Drop Down Ladder Racks… and Low Roof’s too!

When looking at the Nissan NV Cargo Van with the High Roof many people ask, “How do you get ladders up there?” The answer is a drop-down ladder rack. Just like it sounds these racks “drop” the ladder down the side of the van for easy removal off the van. Available in Single and Double Ladder Configurations these racks take the work out of loading ladders.

The drop-down ladder racks are also available for the Nissan NV Low Roof Cargo Van as well as the Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van too! We offer both Adrian Steel and Kargo Master Drop Down Ladder Racks so give us a call today for more information!

As the premier Nissan NV Dealer in Northern California we work closely with our up-fitters to get your new vans on the road as soon as possible! This relationship we have, paired with the huge NV Van Volume we sell, gives us an edge on other Nissan dealers in the area!